mirror01About Us

We open doors

OAK Novations Ltd. is a company dedicated to seeking out and helping develop great inventive ideas from across the globe.  Many of the most potentially marketable new products come from inventors in the Third World, where development opportunities and access to international markets are close to impossible. We have recognized that there is an almost unlimited pool of under–utilized expertise and brilliance in places that presently have no route either to development opportunities or to have exposure to the massive markets of the USA and other western countries.  OAK Novations opens the doors to capitalize on that brilliance.

We offer that open door policy through our Inventigator™ concept.  This process offers specialized counselling to clients from our experts to move the product from the recognition of its potential through the various stages of development and production and finally to give advertising, contract and other advice.

Our mission

To seek out amazing and potentially marketable new inventions and ideas from across the world and help to patent and develop them into viable products.  Later, through advertising campaigns and wide exposure in the USA and internationally, help generate good financial returns for both the inventors and our sponsors.  Our activities are open to all inventors, but particularly those from Third World and other countries where the number of road blocks between invention and market is substantial.

Our sponsors, patrons and investors

OAK Novations Ltd. offers a potentially lucrative investment opportunity to sponsors who wish to benefit from a wide range of new ideas and inventions.  Not only will sponsors reap great financial returns from their investments, but they will also be capitalizing on products that would otherwise never see the light of day.  In addition to the fabulous financial rewards, patrons will also be assisting undervalued innovators who presently have little or no voice, and certainly no means to have their ideas recognized or developed into viable products.

The route from invention to success

OAK Novations first seeks out inventions that have real market potential.  The proposed product is assessed for its novelty, its ability to penetrate the market sector, its patentability, its market value, its applicability in the American and international markets and finally its potential to provide substantial financial returns to both investors and inventors.

Once these processes have been completed, OAK Novations contracts with the inventor for appropriate rights and the necessary security of the product through the US patenting process. Once secure, OAK Novations will  spearhead the development and marketing of the product.