VacCon — the New Connector.

VacCon is a unique device for temporary attaching one movable object to another.  It can be made in different sizes/materials for a multitude of uses, including, for instance:

  1. In sports and tourism equipment (e.g., alpinism, rock climbing, etc.).
  2. In transportation: from mass transit to private automobiles to aviation.
  3. In certain types of clothing (e.g., special-purpose outerwear, fireman suits, etc.).
  4. In military and paramilitary organizations.
  5. In medical equipment, etc.

Utilizing the awesome power of a vacuum, this unique coupling will connect all manner of objects easily and securely. Specially designed to provide temporary connections for a wide variety of uses. The New Connector is available in a range of sizes to fit any situation. The New Connector will secure externally-linked objects safely and one variation will also connect pipes and hoses, even when they provide high-pressure fluids.


• Will provide trailer hitches without the need for turnbuckles
• Links ropes, cables and slings for easy connection and release
• Provides secure temporary connections for
o fire hoses
o divers’ oxygen pipes
o medical gas delivery systems
o pressurized gas and liquid pipes
o irrigation water-delivery systems
o automotive spraying or grinding apparatus
o oil and gas delivery systems

Easily connected and released, secured by the power of vacuum, the New Connector is the answer to many of the linking problems experienced across a number of fields of activity.

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The Vacuum Connector: US Patent application No. 14/684,436.

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