Toys and Board Games.

Toys and games are our favorite subjects.  All sorts of games: board games, computer games, puzzles…  As of today our Open Portfolio includes a toy which its inventor calls the Butterfly.

1. THE BUTTERFLY: US Patent No 8,870,621.

The Butterfly.

Kids can have unlimited fun with the marvelous new Butterfly.

Is it a spinning top? Is it a car? No — it’s both!

No batteries needed – it’s hand-powered and works like a mini-gyroscope.

This little toy offers hours of fun for children and their friends.

Just twirl it or push it. Your kids decide how it runs!

• Spin the Butterfly like a whirligig on a table or the floor. It spins for ages.
• Children can amaze their friends when they make it zoom along the floor jumping over rugs and swerving round corners, or
• They can make the Butterfly speed in a straight line like a fast car

Power it back and forth between players, chase it or simply watch it as it rockets along any smooth surface.

Suitable for boys or girls of ages 5 and above.

Endless fun with the new Butterfly.

Patent Link

Upon receipt of our patent application, the United States Patent and Trademark Office concluded that we had not one but two inventions there.  Thus, we selected one to prosecute and filed a new application for the second invention.

2. HE BUTTERFLY — 2: US Patent application No. 14/525492.

Patent Link


Our Confidential Portfolio includes dozens of exiting games and puzzles needing development.  If interested, please contact us!