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OAK Novations Ltd. proudly presents a revolutionary new wet shaving razor. We call it eRazor. The design is completely novel; it does not have any analogs in the world.  As seen from illustrations, the design novelty is in user’s ability to control and regulate tension of the blade.

Our adjustable-tension eRazor assures smooth and comfortable shaving for every type of the skin and hair.

The eRazor is the only razor you’ll ever need.

The open-blade construction is easy to clean and the unique design allows the blade to curve to fit all skin types and surfaces. Available in single- or triple-blade versions with or without control collar, this brilliant and uniquely-designed razor is suitable for both men and women.


• Provides the perfect shaving angle by a simple adjustment of the blade tension
• Is safe and comfortable to use in awkward areas
• Can be used with straight or gently curved blade
• Open aspect blades allows easy cleaning
• Perfect for both men and women
• Can be used safely on the head, face or body
• Has an open minimalist design that looks great in your bathroom

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1. The eRazor: US Patent No. 9,440,367.

Patent Link


Upon receipt of our patent application, the United States Patent and Trademark Office concluded that we had not one but two inventions there. Thus, we selected one to prosecute and then filed a new application for the second invention.

2. The eRazor — 2: US Patent application No. 14/804,251.

Patent Link