Special Needs.

OAK Novations Ltd. cares about people with special needs.  Feel-a-tabs is a clever indicator of object’s characteristics useful for people with impaired vision.  A self-adhesive relief tactile sticker or film can tell a blind or near-blind child a color of a toy.  An adult with vision problems can learn whether an object is heavy or light without trying to weigh it, etc.

Feel-a-tabs info-tabs for vision-impaired users

Provide important information easily to visually-challenged children or adults with these self-adhesive Feel-a-tabs mini labels.

This ingenious idea from Feel-a-tabs combines the convenience of touch-based information with the ease of a small self-adhesive label.

Choose the message for the Feel-a-tabs label and attach it to any object using the self-adhesive backing. The visually-impaired person, young or older, can easily obtain the information with a single touch of the pad.


• Are perfect for children or adults with vision difficulties
• Can be used on toys or playthings to indicate colour or size
• Clearly and immediately gives weight and dimension information for older people
• Can convey any important information with a single touch of the pad
• Can be placed in any convenient place on the object
• Stick firmly to the item for long-term use

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Upon receipt of our patent application, the United States Patent and Trademark Office concluded that we had not one but two inventions there. Thus, we selected one to prosecute and obtained a patent and filed a new application for the second invention which recently was granted.

2. The Tactile Stickers — 2: US Patent No. 9,378,665. 03-1 (TM).

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