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A new approach to investment

Imagine how wealthy you would be now if you’d been able to invest in Microsoft in 1986.  If you had bought 100 Microsoft shares when they were first offered to the public at $21, those shares would be worth three–quarters of a million dollars today.

By the same principle, OAK Novations Ltd offers investors a truly ‘ground floor’ opportunity, linked to a totally new way to capitalize on market potential.  It is the chance to benefit from products and ideas that are innovative, spectacular, have substantial earning potential and presently are unknown in the US and international markets.

OAK Novations is a company established to seek out and help develop new ideas from across the globe – inventions and products that can generate huge earnings, but are new and need ‘seed money’ to bring them to the public eye.

By investing in OAK Novations, sponsors support our listed inventions, and those of the future, and reap the wonderful returns that those products generate.

The OAK Novations process

When we locate an invention that has serious market potential, we work with the inventor to secure its patent rights and an exclusive contractual obligation to our company.  With advice from specialist product architects and planners, we help move the invention from idea to reality and finally exposure to the product–hungry markets of the USA and the West.  Buyers in both the USA and internationally are always on the look–out for new and novel products and our target is to address that need and benefit from satisfying it.

In some cases, we use expertise from our inventor clients to advise and assist other inventors in the initial development stages of a new product.  We also welcome advice forthcoming from our investors whose own expertise may be usefully applied to potential products.  That way, investors become a sort–of ‘think tank’ to enhance the potential of future products.

Returns to investors and inventors can be substantial – far more than in a more traditional investment plan.

Unlimited pool of excellence

Even from an initial trawl of possibilities, OAK Novations has determined that there is an almost unlimited pool of untapped expertise across the world.  Many of the inventions that have been identified, some of which are in our current catalogue, are from people in countries where there are significant hurdles to overcome, the result being that the product is never developed and dies even before it can see the light of day.

OAK Novations seeks out such inventions, and also through our unique  process called Inventigator™, we  nurture the new product through the stages that will eventually bring the great new idea to the market.

Investment opportunities

By investing in OAK Novations, sponsors will benefit directly from the financial returns of the many new products that we bring to the market.  Additionally, it is a way to contribute to the recognition and promotion of expertise in countries that presently offer little encouragement to inventors or to capitalize financially on the end products of their inventive minds.

Invest in the future now

To become one of our patron investors, make a contribution to the development of new ideas for the future, support under–valued brilliance across the world and benefit massively from the result, then invest now in OAK Novations.

For more details of how you can help, or for more information on our investment opportunities. contact us today at oak.novations@gmail.com